One-on-One Basic Business Consulting

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One-on-One Basic Business Consulting


ArtMarket Personal Consulting Packages

These packages are designed for the creative entrepreneur who prefers a more personal approach than the class or workshop setting. You will meet one-on-one with Sharon to review, brainstorm, plan and implement a comprehensive plan for each aspect of your business. 

For more a free quick-review of your current business needs and more information on how these packages can benefit you, call Sharon at 585-532-0724.

Basic ArtMarket Package

This package consists of three 60 minute meetings PLUS access to email follow-up.

We will cover:

  • Business Plan & Goal Setting

  • Pricing & Sales Planning

  • Procurement and Production Planning

  • Marketing & Sales Plan

You will also receive the ArtMarket Manual developed specifically for artisan based business. It includes:

  • The Circular Business Plan packet.

  • Artisan Goal-Setting Process packet.

  • Review and implementation of effective pricing.

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